I create software for fun and money.


My name is Patrik and I'm a freelance software developer.

My Skills

I have professional experience using Python, FastAPI, Django, SQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, and Git.

I have also used Kafka and MongoDB in production and I have made a couple of projects in Rust and C.

I spend some of my free time doing hobby projects, such as building compilers or trying out a new programming language.

I've finished Harvard's CS50 class, as well as Stanford's Machine Learning course, the Nand2Tetris course, Docker Mastery course and Kubernetes CKA course.

My Hobbies

Reading, programming, reading about programming, wakeboarding and board games.

Things I Value

A good book. Solid understanding of fundamental principles. Simplicity.


Drop me an email at patres dot kormi at gmail dot com.