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Inverting a binary tree in C

Fri, Mar 11 2022

Messing around with trees is fun. Messing around with trees in C must be, therefore, by definition, double fun. In this article, I will show you how to invert a binary tree in C and, hopefully, ... Read more »

Book review: Crime and Punishment

Mon, Jan 31 2022

I started reading this book on the same day that I finished Brothers Karamazov. Being ill and bedridden, I had plenty of time on my hands to delve into the psychological autopsy of the main chara... Read more »

Systemd hangs on shutdown

Sun, Jan 23 2022

Problem description

I've been experiencing seemingly random hangs during shutdown and reboot sequences. My computer would show a black screen and a blinking underscore cursor in t... Read more »

Book review: Brothers Karamazov

Fri, Jan 14 2022

I enjoyed this book a lot. Not necessarily for the character development, not even for the plot, but for the philosophical and religious ideas presented by Dostoevsky.

Whenever I th... Read more »